Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Urology

Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Urology

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  • Earned her undergraduate degree from Brown University and her medical degree from George Washington University
  • Served as Chief of Urology at Travis Air Force Base in California
  •  Enjoys gardening, cooking and spending time with family

As a major in the United States Air Force, Dr. Sullivan was a caring and compassionate physician for active duty military and their dependents.  While many people think of urologists as only treating men, she clarifies, “Women, like men can have kidney stones, bladder cancer, kidney cancer and incontinence.”  Dr. Sullivan focuses on providing excellent, patient-centered care, every day.

Education and Training

After earning her Doctor of Medicine degree from the George Washington School of Medicine in 2005, Dr. Sullivan completed the University of Colorado Hospital Internship and Residency Program.  She served as the Chief of Urology at Travis Air Force Base in California for three years. She is board certified in Urology.

Research and Presentations

Dr. Sullivan conducted a variety of research projects  and presentations during her medical training, including topics related to prostate cancer, vasectomy, and other urological procedures.  She was a manager of a skills verification program that ensured urologists were current on issues in urology and surgical techniques.

Clinical Problems/Procedures

Bladder Cancer
Bladder Sling Surgery
Erectile Dysfunction
Hematuria/Blood in Urine
Incontinence/Overactive Bladder
Kidney Stones/Lithotripsy
Low Testosterone/Testosterone Replacement
Male Infertility
Pelvic Floor Disorder
Prostate/PSA Disorders          
Prostate Cancer
Testicluar Cancer/Testicular Pain
Vasectomy Reversal